About Us

People who can see their potential and know what they’re capable of, do great things. Achieving individual and collective greatness can be challenging but we know that together, we can do it! We believe diversity of perspectives and experiences drives innovation and problem solving. We believe promoting and developing the outstanding talent we have is just as important as hiring top talent—that’s why we have a spectrum of programs that help The Trenches retail and manufacturing employees access corporate roles. We believe The Trenches Global should reflect the athletes we honor and the people around the world who love our products. To achieve that, we’re building the structures, hiring practices, and culture to empower representation and opportunity at all levels of the company.

Focus Areas
Our priorities include promoting diversity, equity and inclusion for all; advancing a transparent and responsible supply chain; innovating sustainable materials and methods of make that focus on our environmental impact; building community by investing in organizations focused on economic empowerment, and education and equality; and bringing today’s generation together through sport and an active lifestyle so they can reach their full potential tomorrow.